ChemTec LCA Series Flow Monitor

The ChemTec LCA series flow monitor is your best economical solution for detecting low flow or loss of flow conditions in a fluid application. The LCA sensors are field adjustable to allow precise adaptation to your application conditions.


  • Adjustable
  • Confirms: Normal flow conditions
  • Senses: high flow or low flow conditions
  • Output: Switch Contact


When flow is increased, the magnetic piston is forced against a bias spring. As the magnet comes near the adjustable reed switch it actuates, indicating proper flow. When flow decreases the spring forces the piston in the opposite direction deactuating the reed switch an indicating a reduced or no flow situation.

  • All models field adjustable
  • Deactuation (decreasing flow) averages 40% less than actuation (increasing flow)
  • Repeatability ±2%
  • Correction must be made for attitudes other than horizontal.
  • Unit will pass greater flows.

General Applications Include:

  • Machine lubrication
  • Process flows
  • Cooling systems
  • Water treatment systems

Custom LCAs & Current Applications

  • Packaging Industry
    Application: bag handling and closing systems for pet food & agriculture
    Unit: LCA-250-P (A-1095)
    Customized spring & set point
  • Air Conditioning Industry
    Application: closed loop liquid Freon
    Unit: LCA-B1084-379
    Customized porting & conduit, socket solder
  • Water Treatment
    Application: ozonation skids
    Unit: LCA-250 (B-1090) (PVC)
  • Military
    Application: hydraulic fluids circuit, cruise missile deployment
    Unit: LCA-375-S A-1172
    Customized military style porting (MS 33649)
  • Industrial Lubrication
    Application: hydraulic circuit
    Unit: LCA-500-B B-952 SAE-8
    Customized porting
  • Laser Industry
    Application: H2O & Glycol cooling system for lasers/recirculating chillers
    Unit: LCA-500-B (B-783) & LCA-500-P (B-783)