At Ryan Herco Flow Solutions, we strive to deliver prompt, reliable service at every opportunity. Flexible business systems help us meet specific customer requirements and apply them consistently. Our team is encouraged and empowered to assure your complete satisfaction. We are committed to being your distributor of choice for fluid process and high value filtration needs.

A History Of Service To Our Customers

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions have been a part of the fluid handling business since the company was founded in the 1940's by H.E. "Mike" Ryan. Mr. Ryan started the company in 1948 to distribute a new corrosion-resistant coating and Tygon tubing products. In the early 'sixties, current owners Brian Bowman and Terry O'Brien came on board.

With time, the company's product line evolved to include more thermoplastic fluid flow products. The widespread acceptance of plastic pipe, fittings, valves, and pumps further established Ryan Herco Flow Solutions as a leading specialty distributor.

The growing customer base included electronic component and equipment manufacturers, along with many chemical, water treatment, photo processing, and aerospace companies. Over the years the product offering has been expanded to include level and flow sensors, rotameters, instrumentation, tanks, and structural shapes.

Our experiences working with customers helped shape our product and service offerings. We recognized a growing need for product and application information, plastic fabrication, systems knowledge, and value added services.

In response, we developed a trained sales team dedicated to helping customers solve fluid flow problems.

Today, Ryan Herco Flow Solutions is a leading distributor of corrosion-resistant fluid flow products in the United States, employing over 200 people. Our regularly published Product Guide can be found on desks throughout the world helping people specify their fluid-flow requirements. With a growing number of service centers located throughout the U.S., we are a company keeping pace with the increasing needs of our customers.

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Ryan Herco Flow Solutions invests in training and tools to help our people be the best in the industry.

Knowledgeable People. Using A Variety Of State-Of-The-Art Distribution Tools. And Empowered To Take Action Instantly

What really makes Ryan Herco Flow Solutions different from other companies? Our people.

We routinely invest in our employees to make them the industry's best. Regular staff training programs address: customer service, fluid flow applications, communication skills, fluid dynamics and technical product training.

Careful product, process and automated application reviews, enable our technical sales staff to make intelligent product recommendations to help you make informed buying decisions.

Additionally, our front-line employees are empowered to make customer service decisions on the spot. By instantly resolving a problem, we are both free to move on to the next order of business.

Advanced Customer Service software along with other distribution system tools allow our people the ability to research and document every customer contact, thus enabling every employee information vital to your business.

Every Ryan Herco Flow Solutions representative is equally empowered to make sure you have access to the information and products that you need, when you need it.

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Ryan Herco Flow Solutions Advanced Logistics system ensures fast, accurate order filling and real-time order tracking.

Advanced Logistics Assure Accurate, On-Time Delivery of Your Order

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions uses advanced Warehouse Management techniques and statistical analysis to ensure accurate, reliable, inventory placement and delivery. Some additional benefits include:

Enhanced Customer Service

  • Fast, accurate order filling - Material is allocated at the time of ordering and shipped the same day. Ryan Herco Flow Solutions order fill rate is over 96%.
  • Measured order fill rates mean fewer back-orders and errors.
  • Real-time order tracking monitors the progress of fulfillment.
  • Accurate inventory information ensures timely acquisition of product.

Improved Data Accuracy and Timeliness

  • Barcode accuracy on inbound and outbound product means fewer put-away or pull errors.

Flexible Part Numbering

  • Your part number is our part number. give us your part number and we will incorporate into our software so that you can place your order using your internal part number and/or have your part numbers print on our shipping documents.

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Recognized Quality

Our customers expect quality and they expect it across the board, from assistance in product selection throughout the entire transaction process. Getting what you want, how you want it, consistently, with no surprises is the bottom-line expectation. And that defines Ryan Herco Flow Solutions Quality. As a symbol of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement process, Ryan Herco Flow Solutions has based its quality system on the tenets of the ISO 9000 Quality Standard.

We scrutinize every detail to ensure that doing business with Ryan Herco Flow Solutions maximizes our efficiency. Our lowered internal costs and efficient transaction systems enable us to pass along to our customers a lower cost of product acquisition.

Quality Leadership

Quality commitment is shared by every Ryan Herco Flow Solutions employee. Our company culture and the training we provide verifies it and our performance validates it. Employees understand that we are all responsible for continually looking for ways to improve our processes and service offering. The result is a progressive, professional business relationship where you can count on Ryan Herco Flow Solutions to perform as promised consistently.

We'd like to thank and acknowledge our customers for their role in our success and education for over half a century. We will always be receptive to your suggestions, your criticisms and your comments. Many product and service offerings are a direct result of your suggestions. Our door is always open.

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"Ryan Herco Flow Solutions's customized weekly stock status and projected usage reports have helped us better manage our resources, making us more profitable. Their ability to immediately and accurately investigate stock availability and delivery status assists us in ensuring our production operates at maximum efficiency."

Ralph Mahoney - 
U.S. Filter

Keeping You Informed

  • We help solve your fluid flow application problems and keep you up-to-date with "The RHFS Pulse newsletter" and "Tech Notes" on-line via the Internet.
  • Our regularly published comprehensive Product Guide and mini catalogs highlight our product line and showcase newly introduced products.
  • We offer on-site product seminars to keep you and your staff informed on the products you want to know more about and provide opportunities for value engineering.

Hop on the net and visit us at Our internet site includes current pricing, product and application information. You'll also find "The RHFS Pulse newsletter" and "Tech Notes" on-line.

Custom Reporting
Upon request, we can provide you with hard copy reports detailing purchase transaction records, part number cross-reference and item pricing history.

EDI Capable
We stand ready to transact business via electronic data interchange should your volume require it. Call us for a free EDI evaluation.

Remote Order Entry
Customer can now enter orders via Webcom. Click here to learn more.

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"Ryan Herco Flow Solutions's customer service software gives us a precise record of stock status, shipments, technical detail, and product price and delivery. In a single call, we have all the information necessary to meet the demanding needs of the export marketplace."
Jim Whitman - J.R. Whitman Company

You Deserve Instant Access To Information And The Highest Level Of Service Efficiency

Ryan Herco Flow Solutions's employees are not only the industry's most knowledgeable, they're also the industry's best equipped. We've given them the tools to serve you in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Our Advanced Customer Service (ACS) software puts the customer first. Because we carefully log all customer activity and share information on your product preferences and service requirements on-line, any Ryan Herco Flow Solutions's customer service representative at any location across the nation can assist you with your inquiry in a matter of minutes. No waiting to talk to an "assigned" representative!

A keyword search option provides instant access to technical information, and physical properties of materials. With a keystroke we can send you specific information from our library of technical literature, saving valuable time.

ACS opens communication throughout our corporation to enable us to serve you as a team. If your requirements demand additional assistance, ACS informs the appropriate people immediately. You're free to do your work, while we do ours.

Keeping our promises is easier than ever. Notes are logged on-line to capture valuable information about your product and service preferences. If a callback is required tomorrow, we schedule it and you get your answer.

Above all, our computer software keeps us organized, allowing us to serve you in a consistent manner. Information is available wherever and whenever across the corporation. Callbacks, visits, and sales transactions are scheduled and logged automatically. Nothing gets lost in a paper-trail, while documentation is available upon request.

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"About 25% of the components for our various products come from Ryan Herco Flow Solutions. They are a responsive partner that stocks the components we use. This helps us minimize our inventory and frees cash that supports the growth of our innovative mixed-oxidant disinfection technology."

Rodney Herrington - 
MIOX Corporation

Keeping You Informed

To make informed purchasing decisions you need accurate real-time information. A toll-free call puts you in touch with a representative with access to information on your preferences and order history as well as all inventories. Ryan Herco Flow Solutions's order management system gives you updated order status, consistent pricing and invoicing to match your purchase order.

Customer specific contact information is recorded in our system to help in resolving prior history and order status.

We believe it's critical to provide you with accurate, up-to-date information on your account status and order fulfillment. In summary, here's how we do it:

  • Toll-free call-in with instant routing to the Service Center nearest you or alternate center for off-hour calls. You can call Ryan Herco Flow Solutions from 4:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific time, and reach a knowledgeable representative with access to information specific to you. Direct lines to sales representatives are also available.
  • Complete access to our multiple inventories through any Ryan Herco Flow Solutions representative.
  • Same-day shipment of stock with one phone call.
  • Real-time inventory. Material is reserved for you instantly upon placement of your order.
  • Accurate, consistent pricing for your account per agreed-to conditions regardless of the Service Center or representative you contact.
  • Order history function, gives you prior order quantities and pricing.

Our capability brings to your business the benefits of our investments in information technology, operating systems and knowledgeable people.

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"I enjoy working with the professional people at Ryan Herco Flow Solutions. They see to it that the products we rely on are in stock and packaged properly. When problems do occasionally arise, they are quick to resolve them to my satisfaction."

Jayna Wittevrangel - 
Watkins Manufacturing

Keeping You Informed


All Ryan Herco Flow Solutions's Service Centers are equipped with bar code label printers and most product is so labeled. If you require custom barcoded shipping labels, we can create them to your specifications. Ryan Herco Flow Solutions is currently offering the following barcoding services to help you receive and put away material easier on your end:

  • Custom product label layouts.
  • Material labels for your stockroom.
  • Bin labels.
  • Ryan Herco Flow Solutions's part number and description to facilitate re-order.
  • Manufacturer's and/or your internal part number.

We have the ability to print all of the major bar code symbologies.

Flexible Part Numbering

  • Your part number is our part number. Once we know your part numbers, you can place orders by using your own numbers. We'll also make sure your part numbers print on bids and shipping forms enabling you to receive orders more quickly.
  • The manufacturer's part number is enough for us. It's no problem if you only have the manufacturer's part number available, making ordering a simple process without time consuming cross-referencing of numbers.

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"Ryan Herco Flow Solutions commitment to excellence in preparing their workforce to meet new challenges in the technical field has advanced the company from a distributor to a high-tech service provider."

Paul Nicolas - 
Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc.

Long-Term Partnerships Raise Quality and Lower Costs

Achieving success today depends increasingly on one's suppliers. As more production costs are incurred outside of organizations, supplier performance becomes critically important. Businesses are faced with the challenge of finding new approaches to optimize their internal organization, and their entire supply chain.

Today's purchasing professional objectives include permanently improving quality, shortening delivery times and lowering costs through long-term supplier partnerships. At Ryan Herco Flow Solutions we work hard to help you achieve your objectives.

Reduce Costs
Reducing overall costs means considering all procurement cost components, not just purchase price. Cost and price must be looked at separately and margin-based price negotiations must give way to larger win-win solutions between purchasers and suppliers. Ryan Herco Flow Solutions has positioned itself to provide value added services that lower soft costs of transacting business. At Ryan Herco Flow Solutions we've become experts at expediting business and application solutions for mutual gain.

Long-Term Partnerships
Establishing close working relationships with suppliers and building on solid teamwork is the key to successful supply chain management. Open communication and a genuine understanding of the interdependence and mutual responsibility for the success of such partnerships are all essential. Ryan Herco Flow Solutions is a partner that has made investments in information systems and personnel training to work with and for you as part of your procurement team, and a partner you can trust.

Fewer Suppliers
Reducing suppliers means sharper focus and greater opportunity for leveraging your buying power. Because Ryan Herco Flow Solutions is nationwide, we recognize the power of consolidated purchases and can meet your needs for consistency of product and service to all your locations across the country.

Mutual Gains
Efficient, time-tested supply chain management makes both supplier and purchaser more competitive, gaining an advantage from each other. At Ryan Herco Flow Solutions, we work hard to earn your respect as a valuable partner in your growth.

Who Else But Ryan Herco Flow Solutions
Our capability brings to your business the benefits of our investment in information technology, operating systems and training. We have the track-record, the insight and the commitment to be your strategic partner and long-term valued supplier. Call us and get the advantage. we'll win together.

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